Rent Art in Toronto August 18 2015

Wall Fiction offers weekly and monthly rentals on most of the artwork featured on the site at fees calculated based on a percentage of the listed selling price ranging from 15% to 40% depending on the artwork.

Targeted to film and television production and real estate professionals working in Toronto, Wall Fiction invites set designers, decorators and real estate agents looking for original artwork to view our selection marked "Available for rent."

Whether artwork is needed for a television, film or commercial set or to stage a home or enhance an office, Wall Fiction provides an accurate online description of each piece including size and condition.

Wall Fiction features many works produced in the 1960 to 1990’s or earlier suitable for period sets. Vintage, retro or period, Wall Fiction may have what you need to provide an authentic look.

For example: 

Unknown, Untitled, 1948, Oil on Canvas

Samuel Alken, A Promising Field, 1852, Photogravure


Individuals looking to try an artwork before buying are also able to rent on a weekly or monthly basis. Renting allows you to find out what the artwork will look like in your home and how it will make you feel in the room.

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