Meet Wall Fiction's Fine Art Photographer Jackie Brown November 09 2015


Wall Fiction’s primary photographer, Jackie Brown, is a professional commercial photographer who specializes in artwork reproduction, event photography and set stills for film and TV.

Brown decided to go into professional photography because she believed that it was the only artistic platform that spoke to her technical side. “Photography really excited me creatively and technically. Since I’m a very detail-oriented person, I loved learning the calculations required to achieve my desired effect,” states Brown. 

Working with Wall Fiction allows Brown to exploit her training in studio lighting techniques. She ensures that the artwork is faithfully reproduced and highlights unique markings on each piece such as the artist’s signature and inscriptions, and condition issues.

Brown says: “Photographing artwork requires very special attention to detail and specific considerations surrounding distortion, colour accuracy and reflective surface control, for example, works on paper framed under glass or the reflection of various paint mediums.” 

“The best part of working with Wall Fiction is the opportunity to see what goes into judging the value of fine art. It’s complex," adds Brown. "The owner of Wall Fiction is a qualified fine art appraiser and to gain insight into the process is fascinating. I also get to see great artwork that is affordable to buy.”


Jackie Brown lives in Toronto, ON with her husband and cat. Portfolio is viewable at