Wall Fiction Launches Online March 31 2015

Announcing the launch of Wall Fiction.com - an online art gallery selling fine art on consignment and by developing artists

Wall Fiction mixes fine art consignment with unique finds and emerging artists, and provides an online art experience for both new and seasoned collectors.

We look for fine art by reputable artists known for creating quality work and emerging artists that we believe are worth watching. We resell original art from estates, owners wishing to downsize and collectors wanting a change.

Every piece of art comes with a story. We make every attempt to investigate provenance – the history of ownership of the work – as well as the interesting stories they tell – be it a story about the artist, the subject matter or how Wall Fiction came to it.

If you’ve acquired original art through an estate or need to downsize, we provide you with the avenue to generate some revenue but more importantly, find an owner who will love that artwork as much as the people who created it and first acquired it.

For the new collector, we offer an unpretentious and affordable entrance into art collection. By learning and browsing curated art online without the pressure of feeling like you need to say the right things, you can start building a collection at your leisure. We’ve done the preliminary work for you.

Visit WallFiction.com today.