Consign Fine Art

Terms and Conditions:

Second Market Only:

We work with individuals who wish to consign artwork they own or have inherited. We work together to price and get their artwork listed for sale quickly. It doesn’t cost consignors anything to list their work with us.

Wall Fiction only accepts fine artwork which includes paintings and drawings (oil, acrylic, watercolour, gouache, tempera, ink, etc.), editioned prints (serigraphs, giclée, lithographs, engravings, etchings, woodcuts, etc.) and photography.

Wall Fiction will only consign artwork in good condition and reserves the right to refuse an artwork on consignment for any reason.

The sale transaction is securely brokered by Wall Fiction allowing both the purchaser and the consignor to remain anonymous.

If you are interested in consigning artwork, please email to as much of the following information as possible:

  • Artist’s name
  • Title of artwork
  • Date of creation
  • Signature (if signed, how and where)
  • Medium
  • Dimensions
  • Edition number, if applicable
  • Framed or unframed
  • Ownership history
  • Purchase date and price, if known
  • Quality images (front and back of artwork, any signatures, labels, inscriptions, stamps, etc., preferably under 5MB each)

Calculating what an artwork is worth can be a intricate process relying on the artist’s style, technique, medium and the size of the work, the artist’s past sales at galleries or auction houses, the opinion of curators and art dealers, cultural and market trends and provenance – all woven together to determine its value.

We make every attempt to price artwork brought in for consignment fairly. Your artwork is assessed by a qualified fine art appraiser to evaluate the condition and to obtain an estimate of value (note: this is an informal valuation service and not a formal appraisal; you will not receive a report of any kind regarding your artwork's value).

Wall Fiction estimates are subject to revision once the work has been physically examined. Our sales estimates are statements of opinion and are not to be used for any other purpose by a third party (for example, insurance coverage or donation – for these purposes, you require an appraisal and we can recommend a qualified appraiser). Wall Fiction does not provide statements of ownership, authenticity or condition.

The sole use of our assessment and estimate of value is for the purpose of setting a selling price for consignment with Wall Fiction that you are happy with and that is a fair price, but, it does not guarantee an actual selling price.

Wall Fiction provides a transparent relationship between the gallery and our consignors; all selling prices will be mutually agreed upon.

All communication with Wall Fiction is confidential and may not be quoted from or referred to in dealings with any third party.

If Wall Fiction approves the work for listing, our standard terms are as follows:

  • Our commission structure works on fixed pricing. Wall Fiction’s commission rates vary according to selling price. On all artwork selling for under $750, the commission rate is 50%. On artwork selling between $750 and $2,000, the commission rate is 35%. On all artwork selling over $2,000, the commission rate is 25%. Splits are calculated based on the net price realized at the time of sale.
  • When consigning more than six pieces, Wall Fiction may charge an administration fee of $450 for sales preparation.
  • Artwork may be reduced 15%-25% after 60 days and then additionally after that until the artwork finds a buyer. After 365 days of the contract date (1 year), the artwork becomes the property of Wall Fiction to be donated to a charity and/or sold at a clearance sales event (no commission will be paid to the consignor).
  • It is the responsibility of the consignor to contact Wall Fiction during the consignment period and monitor the reduction dates and cut off dates. We do not call to remind consignors when items are sold or to be donated.
  • Pricing and discounts are at the sole discretion of the gallery. It is in our mutual best interest to sell your items for the highest price possible. However, we do reserve the right to negotiate the selling price in good faith on offers made by customers and to be able to follow the trends of the art market.
  • Wall Fiction also partners with other fine art auction houses and should Wall Fiction believe that selling through an auction is the best approach, consigning work with Wall Fiction grants Wall Fiction the permission to sell your work through a third party.
  • Once your artwork sells, cheques are mailed the first week of the month following the sale. Please note that an administration fee of $10 will be applied and subtracted from the sale amount.
  • Consignors are responsible for all costs of getting artwork to us and having it sent back if unsold. Approved artwork can be dropped off and consigned artwork picked up without penalty by appointment only at our office. A 24-hour notice is required for your artwork to be made ready for your pick up.
  • Wall Fiction is not a public gallery and special arrangements for drop off and pick up must be made.
  • If the artwork is already framed, at the sole discretion of the gallery, Wall Fiction reserves the right to remove the frame to examine and/or sell the artwork.
  • Wall Fiction has the right to photograph the artwork being consigned and retain the images for use in any gallery-related marketing or materials (i.e., website and social media features, and advertising or public relations).
  • Wall Fiction, its employees or agents, shall not be liable for the loss or damage of any artwork consigned through Wall Fiction while the personal property remains in the possession of Wall Fiction. Wall Fiction is also not liable for loss of consigned artwork due to shipping or due to fire, theft, natural disasters or any other unforeseen circumstance.
  • Wall Fiction requires your full name and street address, home and cell phone numbers and email address. Wall Fiction will not sell or share your information with any third party without your permission.
  • The consignor may take back their merchandise with no charge after 100 days. If items are taken before the 100 days, a 15% charge will be levied at the starting price of the items. A 24-hour notice is required for your artwork to be made ready for your pick up. Pick up in person must be arranged by appointment.

  • We reserve the right to change our consignment terms without notice.

For those in the Toronto-area who are moving, downsizing or dealing with an estate issue, Wall Fiction offers home visits for multiple pieces of artwork consignments (more than 6). We still require photographs and information of the pieces prior to booking (see list of information items above). These can be sent to Contact us for inspection and consultation fees.