Original works of art by celebrated artist and children's book illustrator, Sami Suomalainen. January 12 2023

Perfect playful addition for children's bedroom or playroom that captures the imagination!

Sami Suomalainen is recognized as one of Canada's most gift modern artists for creative spirit.

Born in Tuupovaara, Finland, he exhibited an artistic talent at a young age, winning his first prize at the age of four from the Faber company. He immigrated to Canada in the mid 1960s and settled in Toronto where he attended the Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly known as Ryerson University). After his studies, he began working as a full-time artist and illustrator. The artist's style was expressive and playful, catching the attention of well-known authors.

He is most loved for his illustrations in numerous children's books which have been sold worldwide in all major languages. His work is featured in many book illustrations, most notably with children's author Robert Munsch's Mud Puddle and The Dark.

Sami was also an accompanied musician, playing both classical and flamenco guitar, and he composed a series of instrumental guitar pieces. In addition, he was active member of Toronto's arts community and Toronto's Finnish community and volunteers in many charitable initiatives and community projects.

The artist's paintings are held in major art collections across North America, Europe and Scandinavia, and in the Art Collection of the Library and Archives Canada.

Other children's book illustrations by Sami Suomalainen include:

I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud by William Wordsworth

Marisol and the Yellow Messenger by Emilie Smith-Ayala

M. Reez's Sneezes by Curtis Parkinson

Kaarine and the Sugarbag Vest by Ima Milnes


See below available works on Wall Fiction from the collection of Sami Suomalainen: 

 Birds on the Beach, Sami Suomalainen, oil on canvas, 44.5"x 44.5"


Nocturnal Landscapes, Sami Suomalainen, oil on canvas, 26"x 44"


On The Beach, Sami Suomalainen, oil on canvas, 18" x 37"



Birds Song At Morning, Sami Suomalainen, oil on canvas, 25.5"x 44" (framed)