Why is shipping art so expensive? July 24 2016

Wall Fiction would hate for the shipping fees to deter potential buyers from quality art at an affordable price. And despite what it may seem, we have tried and continually try to find the lowest shipping rates that guarantee safe delivery of artwork. We are not profiting from the shipping fees, in fact, many times the shipping costs seep into Wall Fiction’s profits which, of course, we need to operate the company and pay our team.

Additionally, unlike some online galleries that automatically add shipping costs to the price of the artwork, we do not. We strive to be 100% transparent about our costs and the true value of the artwork.

Last but not the least, the materials required to package artwork so that it arrives safely are expensive. Artwork requires a sturdy box to protect it against being crushed or punctured, bubble wrap to create a buffer between it and potential harm, plastic wrap to safeguard it against any potential water damage and often extra filling to keep the artwork from moving around within the box. These materials are more costly than you may realize. And large pieces or pieces made from unique materials may even require custom-built crates. Finally, some artwork sizes exceed regular post office service and must be sent using specialist carriers.

The number of separate materials is then added to the actual transportation costs; thus shipping artwork comes at a higher price that what many may think.

By writing about the shipping costs and not building them into our stated Wall Fiction prices for the actual items, we are exposing these packaging and shipping costs, and the responsibilities in owning original art.

As new collectors, protecting your art will only enhance your appreciation and enjoyment.