Leah Landau

Leah Landau is interested in experimenting with various media and techniques on canvas.

She arrived in Montreal from Israel in 1953 where she studied at Sir George Williams University and McGill University. In Toronto, she began exploring her passion in art after a career as a teacher. She studied under the abstract painter, Peter Koliznyk, at the Koffler Centre for the Arts for whom she credits as being a great influence. 

Other influences in Leah's work are pulled from her travels around the world. Colour and mood play a role in her work as does presenting a positive feeling to the viewer. Leah wants to trigger in her viewers their own positive memories through her work.

“Art is not necessarily a thing of beauty. It is the extension of the artist passions and emotions released through the hand and eye. Society’s values and mores are also reflected in the artist’s work.”

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